Public Request for Reimbursement


Miller's criminal trial remains pending and the Chester County Court of Common Pleas judge has scheduled a pre-trial hearing on August 8 at 11am. Hopefully his criminal trial will then proceed soon afterwards.


In the meantime, community attention needs be placed on the fact that Mr. Falgiatore has a pattern of acting outside his role as a school board director in support of Miller. Over the past two years Mr. Falgiatore has contacted the District's insurance provider and legal counsel with arguments and statements straight from Miller. The board should consider seeking reimbursement from Mr. Falgiatore for a minimum $1,180 in legal expenses incurred by the District readily identified as resulting from his independent contact with AIG.


In October 2023, Mr. Falgiatore sent multiple emails to the District's insurance carrier, AIG. As a result, AIG pulled in their own legal counsel, Carlton Fields, to respond to Mr. Falgiatore. The cost to the district was at least $1,180 as the District consulted with Saxton Stump on how to manage Mr. Falgiatore for his independent actions. What Mr. Falgiatore did was outside his role as a board member.


Mr. Falgiatore's emails to AIG are a lesson in what not to do as a board member. His mistakes were not forgivable omissions. He was persistent and intentional. He emailed AIG on October 4th, 6th, 10th, 12th, and 13th. The escalation of his rhetoric led AIG to have their own legal counsel, Carlton Fields, reply to Mr. Falgiatore. In his letters on October 12th and 13th, Mr. Falgiatore accused AIG of potentially engaging in fraud and not conducting due diligence. It's no wonder his threatening emails were responded to by AIG’s legal counsel on October 23rd.


This document, filed as part of the failed civil suit, contains Mr. Falgiatore's emails, AIG's responses, and the Saxton Stump invoice.


Falgiatore's emails to AIG start on page 32.


Consider the tone of the emails, especially the two on October 12th and 13th, as they prompted the response from AIG's legal counsel,


The Carlton Fields letter is on pages 40 and 41. The associated legal expenses totaling $1,180, which were only incurred because of Mr. Falgiatore's actions, are from items listed in the Saxton Stump invoice on pages 42 and 43.


Taxpayers should not pay for Falgiatore’s egregious errors. The board should seek reimbursement from Mr. Falgiatore for his actions outside his role as a board director.